1970 FORD RANGER F-100
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Preview Date: March 11, 2016
Sale Date: March 12, 2016
Location: Red Deer, AB
Address: Westerner Park
Lot No: 46.0

Year: 1970
Make: FORD
Mileage: 89,000 ORIGINAL
Car Style: F100
Cylinders: 8
Engine: 360
Transmission: Automatic

1970 FORD RANGER F-100

This is an original truck bought from Southridge Mercury in Calgary.  The truck has had a camper on it since new and was used by the family for holidays and camping trips.  In later years the camper was removed and a 5th-wheel hitch installed to pull a light 5th-wheel camper.  The last few years the truck was only used for short vacations and fishing trips.  The truck is equipped for a camper with overload springs installed.

This truck, except for some trim blemishes, is in very good condition.  There are no dents in the box, the tail gate has never been used and is in a cardboard packing box.  The truck has been extremely well maintained since new in 1970.  A story is told that the owner was so particular that he would stop at a rest stop for lunch and change the oil in the truck on the spot!

There is no sign of rust anywhere on this truck.

"Truck inspected is an excellent example of a well cared for vehicle and has an excellent value when one considers the cost of new cars and financing of today.

The making of an antique is an on-going process.  This fact is born out by some recent statistics which stated that after 14 years only 7% of the vehicles that were built in North America are still on the road.  That means approximately 96,390 of this truck left."

1970 FORD RANGER F-100
1970 FORD RANGER F-100
1970 FORD RANGER F-100
1970 FORD RANGER F-100
1970 FORD RANGER F-100
1970 FORD RANGER F-100
1970 FORD RANGER F-100
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